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In early 2013, after six years of diminishing results and higher than average employee turnover, employees’ morale and satisfaction was declining. Leadership quickly implemented a new corporate and regional pricing and innovation strategy.


To share employees’ satisfaction, examples of innovation and success with their peers, What’s Your MO was a video campaign to drive employees motivation and momentum in their daily work. This video campaign was the first of its kind for Allstate, and it also allowed just-in-time opportunities to share the latest news with the regional team.


I filmed, edited and published 30 “MO” video messages that were emailed to employees every week. The videos were a quick iPhone video, meant to focus on the employee – not the production. These emails were a place to share a personal message about their careers and a behind-the-scenes look at their impact on the regional team.



Increased employee survey result from 45 percent in 2013 for the question: Allstate is making the changes necessary to compete.


open rate. We engaged more than half of the employees through the 30 videos.

The outcome of the “MO” video series campaign was employee understanding of the company’s vision and a perception change. It helped disengaged employees understand the new regional strategy and understand why changes were implemented, celebrate regional results and recognize what motivates them.

Research in the mid-point of the campaign that employees were more engaged, proud to work for Allstate and believed in the new strategy.

2014 IABC Copper Quill Award of Merit for Communication Management: Internal Communication
2014 IABC Copper Quill Award of Merit for Change Communication: Inspiring Allstate Agencies and Employees to Invest in Growth

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