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Allstate SW Express Insurance Agency Newsletter Header
Allstate SW Express Insurance Agency Insurance Agency Newsletter Mockup Design


From 2010-2012, Allstate went through heavy internal changes, the Southwest Region’s internal communication platform didn’t evolve with the company. Qualitative and quantitative research told us we needed to overhaul communications and meet the individual audience demands for employees, agencies and their sales leaders. Insurance agency owners were a beleaguered group due to local economies and major compensation changes.


SW Express is a productivity-first newsletter, so agency owners could focus on growing their business, rather than finding relevant information in a newsletter. In June 2012, I created branding for SW Express, a weekly newsletter that consolidated the content from all regional teams. The newsletter is separated by prioritized categories, tailored to agency success through peer-to-peer success stories, sales tips and product information.



The team increased average agency-facing communications from 30.5%

Leadership Support

Despite discontinuing individual newsletters and editorial power, leaders supported the new plan for one consistent agency communication and designated a communicator from each team to serve on the communication committee.


improved the Agency Relationship Survey Communication Index from 74% year-over-year

2013 IABC Copper Quill Award of Merit for Communication Management: Rebuilding the Internal Communication Platform

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