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Social Media Micro-Content

Micro-content is a way to grow your brand and community using creative visual assets

As a freelance designer and community manager, I created a few graphics with the question, “where do you create?” to learn more about how my social media followers work, create and what inspires them.

Entrepreneur and VaynerMedia CEO, a social media and micro-content agency, Gary Vaynerchuk appeared on Chase Jarvis’ live show to discuss his new book. He mentioned how important it is to find what you’re most passionate in and be the best. I live tweeted a graphic including one of his quotes to engage the community and my fans with Gary’s insights.

To reach college apartment renters, I created a simple visual tweet sharing a blog Allstate was mentioned in. Many college students are unaware of the differences between each insurance company, so it was important to link to a source that compares the different companies.

Twitter Co-Founder and CEO of Square Jack Dorsey was speaking at a conference in New York, and mentioned William Gibson’s quote that the future is here, but it’s up to us to shape it. I created a piece of content to share this empowering moment.

When I led the independent agency community at Allstate, we offered gift cards as an incentive for engagement – they’re our B2B customer. Because they can sell any insurance company, I took a personal approach to every communication with them and wrote thank you notes for those who contacted me or provided us feedback. I tweeted a picture of a thank you note to stress the importance of being human when communicating to anyone.

In my free time, I often watch entrepreneurial and startup talks. To help grow awareness some of these inspirational messages, I created just-in-time micro-content quote graphics natively shared on Instagram and Pinterest. I learned that Pinterest and Instagram are unique, but welcoming, communities that thrive off of inspirational, thought-provoking, and timely messages.

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