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At the beginning of 2013, just 14 independent agencies were engaged and actively selling Allstate’s products in the southwest region. The only communications available was a uninformative website and sporadic agency visits by three sales leaders.


Through our in-person focus groups, we learned that agency owners run the agency and are only interested in promotions and incentives to drive their business results. Their day-to-day staff, however, needs information on support, product, as well as education and sales tips.


I collaborated cross-functionally with Allstate’s product, sales, education and promotions teams to produce content our communities requested. To help engage the agency sales staff, I produced our biweekly and segmented communications using a design-first approach.


We increased the number of engaged independent agencies, as measured by selling two policies a week, from 14 agencies at the beginning of 2013 to 42 by year’s end.


standard auto insurance production was up year-over-year


average email open rate and 20% click-through rate

Personal lines insurance plans were .4 percent over plan in 2013, hitting our goal for the first time in four years for
independent agencies.

2014 IABC Copper Quill Award of Excellence for Communication Skills: Publication Design
2014 IABC Copper Quill Award of Merit for Change Communication: Inspiring Allstate Agencies and Employees to Invest in Growth

community management

cross-functional business communication

b2b newsletter design

Communications Design

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When meeting with independent agencies, we learned that their sales staff often specializes in one product and any spent away from sales hinders their income. From this feedback, I learned that this is a transparent community that wants to work with Allstate only if the company is easy to do business with.

Our communications apply to the entire staff, but because product updates are specific to auto or home insurance, for example, I designed icons for readability. By separating the subjects through icons, readers can quickly scan and find what’s relevant to them.

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Zach has been instrumental in my team’s communication and marketing success for three years, helping us win customers, clients, reputation results and kudos. His talents and skills as a community and project manager, digital content creator, marketing communication talent, SEO whiz — you name it in marketing/communication and digital PR and he’s done it and done it extremely well. He’s also someone who every team needs, the “get it done, do it well and get results” kind of guy who’s up, on and on it every day.

Melinda Wilson