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About Zach

community, technology and design

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I’m a guitar player, baseball fan and social media community manager in Chicago. I love using technology to learn, create and build communities. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

To fuel my creativity, I freelance design and help small businesses with digital marketing.

When I’m not figuring out what’s next, you can find me running, listening to music and watching the Red Sox.

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I’m building a community on Allstate’s social media collaboration platform, which is used as employees’ resource to ask experts technical questions, discover job- and career-related content and information. The internal social media platform is used as a curated internal content repository and provides access to information and subject matter experts at the moment of need.

Before moving to Chicago, I was a community manager for Allstate’s award-winning Corporate Relations team. I managed regional b2b independent agency communities, which includes communication between our product, marketing and education teams and our agencies. I planned and execute campaigns to reach targeted audiences for business growth, created multimedia content, tweet, and contributed to community-centered public relations campaigns. View our awards.

How I Work


Whether at our Allstate team’s serenity lounge, or at Cartel Coffee, brainstorming is the first step to learn how I can contribute to an opportunity.


Once I have an idea for the project, I flesh it out physically. The whiteboard quickly allows me to make changes and visualize my ideas.


Once I am happy with the mockups, I design or type my work using various cloud and desktop platforms.


After creating a first draft, I collaborate with our team. During this revision phase, I determine if the work is fit for the audience, or if it requires further tweaking.


Quantitative and qualitative metrics help me increase engagement, which contribute to the project’s direction and necessary gaps to fill.


The best way I grow is by learning. Listening and asking questions often uncover efficient ways to reach my goals or discover opportunities.

What inspires your productivity?

I’d love to get to know you.